Research based Consulting (RBC)

Our services offer the highest quality advisory services based on a strong foundation of primary research and intelligence gathering that is conducted by in-house experts who have a track record of serving the top international agencies at the highest levels.

A wide range of research tools are mobilized, including primary surveys; in order to base our reports and consulting on precision, accuracy and timing.

Key sectors include:

  • Real estate
  • Trade
  • Islamic finance
  • Global market surveillance
  • Health sector
  • Public Private Partnerships

Supporting Development

With the wealth of expertise available in-house and among-st our rich array of associates, we strive to reach the highest standards of development facilitation in a wide variety of sectors that include the following:

  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • Environmental and Social Impact assessments
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Social Inclusions programs
  • E-based information systems
  • Micro finance and SME development

SME and Micro Enterprises

The Research Intelligence Unit (RIU) provides affordable one-stop-shop services to some of the top small, and medium sized firms in many areas from concept development and strategy, feasibility study, market research and intelligence to business advisory services. Entering its eleventh year of operations, the unit maintains a strong focus on economic growth corridors and emerging sectors that can accommodate new players to the market as well as facilitate existing players to expand their products or services. .

Key services:

  • Conception papers and proposals
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research
  • Web based solutions
  • Writing and editing