The Big Issue Vol 3 No.10

Today, the world around us is changing at a rapid pace and the thin line between success and failure can be determined by the quality and accuracy of the information you receive. The Big Issue strives to keep you ‘in the know’ on important issues that matter. Moreover, our magazine is multi-dimensional covering a widebreadth of knowledge that includes leisure and education to keep you and your family mentally stimulated!  We are a monthly magazine that was launched in October 2008 with an estimated readership of around 15,000 – 25,000 which includes all the top CEOs and Directors in Sri Lanka. We are one of the top in the Sri Lankan English language Current Affairs, Business and Life Style segment.

In this issue we give our readers the quarterly intellectual digest of articles and insights in real estate, technology, agriculture, wildlife and the natural environment as well as highlighting important charitable causes. We start with an insightful look at the all-important Sri Lankan real estate market furthermore featuring some of the winners of the Asia Property Awards. Connecting real estate to technology we have an article introducing VR technology in addition to an exclusive on cryptocurrencies and how it might shape the financial future of the globe. Agriculture is important to Sri Lanka and we dive in to explore the delights of healthy and tasty foods that is produced in Sri Lanka and supplied to the world. An RIU research on the tea market in the UK also sheds light on the latest tea consumption trends in the West. We at The Big Issue continue to highlight important social causes and pressing environmental concerns as ever and in this issue we have a special feature on a local turtle hatchery. We are also proud to announce our brand new website for the Big Issue. Hope you enjoy reading the magazine just as we enjoyed writing it!