Today, the world around us is changing at a rapid pace and the thin line between success and failure can be determined by the quality and accuracy of the information you receive. The Big Issue strives to keep you ‘in the know’ on important issues that matter. Moreover, our magazine is multi-dimensional covering a widebreadth of knowledge that includes leisure and education to keep you and your family mentally stimulated!  We are a monthly magazine that was launched in October 2008 with an estimated readership of around 15,000 – 25,000 which includes all the top CEOs and Directors in Sri Lanka. We are one of the top in the Sri Lankan English language Current Affairs, Business and Life Style segment.

In this, our 10th year anniversary issue, we have an exciting line up of articles covering a wide variety of topics. With a focus on youth, we have several exclusives with the young and upcoming entrepreneurs Zainab Irfan, Sumesh Fernando, Piyumi Wickrama and Sharan Veluathan who have shared some secrets about their rise to prominence in their mission, business and life.

This issue also has a generous helping of exclusive research articles that cover key economic growth sectors like retail, real estate and tourism.

Success stories are an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals. In this issue we looked at some stories that are worth telling like the LB Finance, NDB, Scissors and the RIU Real Estate Roadshow in London.

As we are celebrating the 10th year anniversary of the Big Issue Sri Lanka magazine, we can take a moment to reminisce on past battles, victories, and remaining future challenges. The most enduring of our readers will note that during the height of the conflict, our editorial team in Colombo and London continued to campaign for peace, even whilst the war was raging. As we take stock, we can allow ourselves to celebrate the economic success of many of the industries and sectors that we have continued to follow and support like construction,
real estate, tourism, tea and IT. Likewise, our struggles for road safety, environmental protection and better governance continues.

Throughout the ten years, we have maintained our mix of articles that cover leisure, knowledge and business because we believe that balance is the key to true success.

So as we enter the next ten years, we at the Big Issue would like to extend a Big thank you to YOU, our readers and supporters for helping us make the Big Issue Sri Lanka the resounding success that it has now become.